January 3, 2000
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Hemp can heal the world.
With human reliance on fossil fuels and synthetic fibers comes mass deforestation for wood pulp agriculture. If a single crop can provide a solution to the environmental destruction for resources, it’s certainly hemp. Hemp is a renewable natural resource that can be used to manufacturer thousands of different products, and when the plant is harvested almost every part of it can be put to use. Also, more uses for the hemp plant are being discovered every day. Although growing any crop as a monocrop is not particularly good for local diversity, hemp is the most environmentally friendly option due to requiring significantly fewer pesticides and providing much larger yields per hectare when compared to other crops, such as cotton.

The bread basket is made of 100% fine hemp fabric and has a double bag structure. When a heated pouch suffer with gain is placed in the inside pocket of the bag, it keeps the bread warm for the duration of the meal.

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