Today, with the use of information technologies, time passes faster than ever. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, our life has changed dramatically and even now continues to change. Economist Angus Madison initiated a project that reviews the world’s economic growth during a time span of two thousand years. According to this project’s findings, while the economy has fluctuated over time, when viewed through human history, most eras do not show tremendous growth. The economic growth of the past few hundred years is a surprisingly new phenomenon. We live in the midst of major change. Some changes you can feel and see; some changes impact what we value in life.

Earth on which we live is a beautiful blue planet, one that appears even emerald when viewed from space. Another planet on which a wide variety of beautiful creatures exist has not been found. Even we are well aware that, as human beings, we have destroyed a great deal of nature and the environment, and the situation does not appear to be improving. When you see nature, such as beautiful, transparent tropical seas, forest trees older than humans, amazing colorful plants and animals, a star-filled sky, your mind and well-being is tremendously healed. This is a different state of mind from when you see natural environment that has been destroyed, mountains of garbage, an unnatural river color due to contamination, or places any creature would shun.

Is there not a way to coexist on the Earth, to be thankful, and to enjoy this grace?
Molfo is an acronym for Modern Life Formation. It was created based on the concept of “forming a modern lifestyle by ourselves.” The spelling is different, but phonetically Molfo is similar to ”Morpho,” like the Morpho butterfly, which is said to be the world’s most beautiful butterfly with blue jewel-like wings. Morpho means “beautiful form” in Greek, and they are the epithet of Venus and Aphrodite.

Changes in the environment, among others, are of most interest to Molfo, as the basic, minimal environmental requirements for healthier living, such as fresh clean water, soil, and air, are being destroyed. Humans are unique creatures. This why Molfo believes in order to cherish people and nature, it has to be friendly for all. Economic growth brings us material richness. Molfo would like to also consider a way to for both people and nature to be happy.

Molfo produces home products that treat both people and the planet by selecting materials, eco-friendly, technologies, and an ethical trade system. Molfo offers you natural and truly luxurious lifestyle products. Molfo also delivers the message of people who respect Mother Earth, like the producers who are creating goods designed to protect nature, such as products made using organic plants, and who pay attention to our environment. It gives us great joy to share Natural Luxury Life Style Home Products with you.

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